Filling the gray days - No Bull Shit.

I am growing quite impatient to the cold days in Richmond Town. Weather is a tease here. A big sunny warm one day, cold and chilly gray the next. What's that constant saying I hear all the time? "If you don't like the weather here wait a few minutes" I don't know. Something like that..ANYWAY. Countless brothy pho bowls have been my warm hug these chilly like times... and all I need are some happy fun tunes to enhance my midday home office dance parties. (if you do not do this please give it a whirl.. it feels so damn good) One fantastic example of super happy fun tunes come from one of my favorite local bands NOBS brass band A no bullshit way of you getting up out of your swirly office chair and dancing success.

About a year and a few months ago, one the the band members and my friend Reggie Pace, had asked me if I could do a NOBS comic. Time had passed and until a couple months ago after venturing out to The Camel to see NOBS, when my lovely friend had reminded me about said comic and I kicked myself! I love opportunities for exciting personal projects and especially something really fun. I thought about campy batman comics and just all silly good fun. Since Reggie had approached me about the idea I felt it appropriate to have the first page have Reggie on it and if he liked it, make following pages of each band member fighting the evil naysayer of music lurking in Richmond. (Below)

Current Darlings

Good Morning! I find myself in everyday moments overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas and projects stemming from inspirations leading back to things that have been on the back burner of my brain for quite some time. And yes! oh yes these will eventually get done, These thoughts and ideas and projects are merely goals that I just haven't finished yet... or begun... [Anywho, thank goodness for Pinterest and Evernote for seriously being my organizational charms.]

For proper inspiration searching frenzy, my typical setup allows maximal inspiration hunting, NPR/music app playing from my ipad. My larger moniter extending my laptop screen for ample space of at least a billion windows and tabs and applications[And my employee Clementine, she is usually...most likely always up in my face]

I've got NPR's first listen Thao & The Get Down Stay Down "We The Common" playing. Perfect twangy, jangly, and sweet tunes for this abnormally normal rainy-warm weather bomb January RVA weather.

Also, I'm working on a few projects simultaneously:

  • a painting series dedicated to my grandmother who passed away this month with dementia
  • the start of a comic series(hopefully ongoing if received well) for a local brass band:)
  • conceptual business cards for two different equally awesome people and their businesses
  • research and concept for a children's book I hope to self publish
  • breaking the world record of most coffee consumption in one sitting

shoo!! and with all of this going on as well as obsessing over my new blog crushes SFgirlbybay, How About Orange, and The Styling Dutchman