Listen While You Work.

As I've previously mentioned, and this will probably not be the last, how much... I LOVE the NPR APP! I cannot contain myself, I will shout it from the rooftops or at least from my front porch. I have a playlist, set up of the most random topics or shows, ranging from 1 minute and 32 seconds to 45 minutes and 17 seconds. If you have not downloaded this fantastic app you must. While working in a home office, and the only living employee is...well Clementine the cat... I need other voices in the background and though music hits the spot just right sometimes, NPR saves the day. I cannot stress enough, if you have the capabilities to listen to your headphones at work, or in the same boat as me working at home...NPR is like a friend stopping by, and sitting in the corner contributing to your work. It reminds me when I was a wee lass in art school at VCU, first starting out I used to be so self conscious about other people around me while I work and which of course there is a time and a place. I eventually began to find solace in working or painting with others around me. Not necessarily talking the whole time, occasionally critiques were vital, but having others around and painting and doing inspiring things you could really feel it while you work. And now not everything I listen to on my NPR is inspirational worthy as it is educational... one of my most favorite shows to listen to is... Snap Judgement. The Host Glynn Washington has become my buddy that stops by my office from time to time, setting up an episode filled with individually narrated themes. I am mentally sitting on a teeny carpet square on the floor listening to storytime. Today's episode I'm catching up on is #319 Monsters.... MONSTERS! YES!! Please see below from Snap Judgement's facebook page. HA! I love this guy!