Doing things differently today!

Oh hey there! Doing things a bit differently today enjoying a nice work day breakfast at the ever so scrumptious Lamplighter Coffee. Needed to pop put of my office today. I've recently been messing around with screen printing WHICH! I probably have not done since 2005-06. No not probably literally. I recently purchased a starter screen printing kit from DIY printshop and embarked on the photo emulsion process.

20130612-114956.jpg oh hey there buffalogo.After multiple print tests I've come to the conclusion that I need to redo the screen little bits were not exposed long enough. This set back is okay. And as far as not having done this in almost 10 years I'll give myself a pat on the back. I had set the project aside briefly as a move to a bigger office was vital.




20130612-115629.jpg My bigger little warehouse. So on top of that and making some fun little jewelry pieces. See below.






Screen printing has been itching the back of my brains. I wasn't quite ready to dark room proof my new office but wanted to get on a t shirt design I had been thinking about this involving a scavenger hunt around Richmond town to build some screens and try out the "positive method" of screen printing. Made some pretty impressive screens! Still got it! First drawing fluid attempt

20130612-120519.jpg Which led to this first print attempt

20130612-120604.jpg Gaaah! Literally the same issue I had with the emulsion method.. Little bits missing. I want this print to be great. So I had to strip the screen and start over. Attempt two:


20130612-120836.jpg And now I wait at the Lamplighter for the screen filler to dry. Certainly not complaining about it